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Glaze X-Tender

Additive for Latex and Water Borne Glazes


XIM Glaze X- Tender is an additive for water based Glazes. It extends drying and working time of the glaze up to 45 minutes or more . Add the Glaze X-Tender up to one pint per gallon (3.79 liter) of Glaze. A great advantage of the glaze X-Tender is that it does not lower the Viscosity of the Glaze


Extending the Drying & working time of water Based Glases

Features & Benefits:

  • For Interior glazes
  • Increase the open time (working time) up to 45 minutes
  • Does not reduce the Viscosity of the glaze when added
  • Slows the drying time
  • Allows more working time for sculpting the glaze
  • Will non dilute the glaze
  • Does not discolor the glaze
  • Maintains the thick viscosity of the glaze
  • All Interior /Exterior faux finishes
  • Suede / Stone / Metallic / Glimmers / Glazes
  • Allow for slower drying time frames allowing more time to work with the products to create the desired finish you are looking for
  • Allow more open time when working with faux finishes
  • Add just 60ml-178 ml (2-6 ounces) per 3.79 liter (one gallon)

Available In:

946 ml 3.79 ltr



1 Ltr = 15 ml I 2ltr = 30 ml l 4ltr = 60ml l 6ltr = 90ml l 10 ltr = 150ml l 15 ltr = 225 ml l 20ltr = 300 ml

  • All X-Tenders assist with flow leveling and work in all weather conditions.
  • Will not form hard in container or when left mixed in paint (product evaporates over time).
  • All X-Tenders contain no harmful resins and will evaporate out of finished coating.
  • Will not clog any equipment, i.e. brushes, rollers, spray equipment
  • All X-Tenders Does Rates: Begin with 60ml per 4ltr. This can be increased as desired or required. Test area required prior to actual application when rates increased to ensure compatibility. Whilst increasing dose rates the affect will be on drying times not overall cure time.
  • XIM Guarantee product will not void manufacturer’s Warranty. All X-Tenders will evaporate out of coating, when coating has cured there will be “O” additive in finished product.

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