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Stop Rust & Prepares Rusted Metal for painting

  • Easy to use: Can be applied by brush roller, mop, or low pressure sprayer
  • Economic: Treats 600 sq ft per 3.87 liter (1gallon)
  • Compatible with any paint system.
  • Can be used to Etch new glavanized



Recommended Uses:

Rustex is a rust inhibiting coating which converts rusted metal overnight into rust retarding, paintable surface. When applied to rusted surface, iron oxide(rust) is chemically changed to iron phosphate, an inert, hard substance that turns the metal black. This increases the paint adhesion, and durability of the coating.


  • Do not use when temperature is below 0° C. Excessive dew and humidity may prolong drying time and cause powdery buildup.
  • Do not use an airless sprayer or dilute this product.
  • Spray Equipment should be flushed with water after use. Clean brushes with water.
  • Avoid getting product on adjacent area such as painted surfaces, concrete, masonry and stonework. If splashing occurs, flush immediately with water to remove.
  • Do not mix this product with any other chemicals.

Directions for use:

Directions- Rusted & Old Metal:

  1. For heavily soiled surfaces use the Original Krud Kutter to remove excess oil, grease, and dirt.
  2. Remove loose paint and heavy rust with a wire brush. Light rust need not be removed.
  3. Apply directly to metal by brush, roller, mop, or low pressure sprayer. Heavy rust may need two applications.
  4. Wait overnight after application, dust off any loose powder, and apply undercoat primer and paint.
  5. Test small area for compatibility when using epoxy or latex paint.

Directions- Galvanized:

  1. Apply one coat, and let stand for 30-60 minutes or until metal is etched,
  2. Flush with water, avoiding damage to adjacent areas; or wipe to a smooth finish, let dry, and paint. Follow paint manufacturer’s instructions for under coats and topcoats.
  3. Where rust is present apply one coat of Rustex to prep and etch the metal. Leave overnight, or until completely dry. Brush off any an loose powder before painting.

Color: Green

Available In:

946 ml 3.87 ltr

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