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Flow & Leveling Additive, Improve Spraying, Brushing & Rolling

XIM’s Elast’O’Meric is safe , biodegradable additive designed for water based elastomeric coatings.

It improves the flow and leveling and can generally extend the open time 10-15 minutes for improved brush and roll application. It helps reduce the “ropy, brush-mark” appearance often seen when brushing thick, fast dry elastomeric paints. It will allow the thick elastomeric paint formulations to flow out smoothly when brushing. It can also improve spray applications by improving atomization of heavy bodied waterborne paints. These water borne and elastomeric paints can then be applied at lower pressures.

Elast”O”Meric does not change the final cured paint film properties. It does, however, help bring the gloss up to coating’s designed gloss. It leaves no residue in the final paint or coating film. It will not cause paint to yellow or turn milky. I will not yellow or cloud semi-transparent or clear coatings. When adding the Elast”O”Meric there will be no reduction in flash rust control or sag control of the elastomeric or waterborne paint or primer.

  • 225 to 550 ml per 15 Ltr Pail
  • No affect on viscosity or overall area finish
  • Keep wet edge longer
  • Contains no harmful resins
  • Assists in flow & leveling
  • Product will evaporate out of coating


  • Eliminate ropy brush & roller marks in elastomeric coatings.
  • Gives a professional finish in all elast’o’meric top coats.
  • Non Yellowing
  • X-Tends open dry times.
  • Will do the work then exit the top coat when drying


  • Contain no resins
  • Biodegradable
  • Assists in eliminating cross overlap marks when painting in warmer climates. Can Increase dose rate as required. ( maximum 3 x 25ml per 15 ltr)
  • Improves flow and leveling of all elastomeric coatings
  • Low VOC
  • All Elastomeric type Coatings
  • Textures heavy / Medium/ Low Build
  • Elastomeric Protective Top Coatings
  • Renders Trowel on Float Off
  • Water Based Epoxy’s
  • No affect on flash rust control or sag control

XIM Latex X-Tender does not affect the elastomeric and will not cause any yellowing eliminates ‘ropy brush/roller marks’, keep flash times open & promotes leveling on Hot Days.

X-Tender also improves improve Airless Spraying, eliminates ‘dry spray’ and make cleaning gear easier – extending the life of modern day acrylic brushes.

X-I-M X-Tender is a bio-degradable product safer for our fragile environment and our futures.

Product drying to fast leaving roller lines v cut in? render drying at stages?.

Elast ‘O’Meric X- Tender can assist in eliminating the common problems with all texture type coatings. Assist in open times often required when temperature ranges may affect the application

Available In:

946 ml 3.79 ltr 9.8 ltr


1 Ltr = 15 ml I 2ltr = 30 ml l 4ltr = 60ml l 6ltr = 90ml l 10 ltr = 150ml l 15 ltr = 225 ml l 20ltr = 300 ml

  • All X-Tenders assist with flow leveling and work in all weather conditions.
  • Will not form hard in container or when left mixed in paint (product evaporates over time).
  • All X-Tenders contain no harmful resins and will evaporate out of finished coating.
  • Will not clog any equipment, i.e. brushes, rollers, spray equipment
  • All X-Tenders Does Rates: Begin with 60ml per 4ltr. This can be increased as desired or required. Test area required prior to actual application when rates increased to ensure compatibility. Whilst increasing dose rates the affect will be on drying times not overall cure time.
  • XIM Guarantee product will not void manufacturer’s Warranty. All X-Tenders will evaporate out of coating, when coating has cured there will be “O” additive in finished product.

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