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Metal Clean & Etch

Cleans & etches in one step.

Cleans & Prepares Metal for Coating, Staining or Sealing.

No Harmful Fumes - Most metal etches and etch/primers contain caustic materials resulting in dangerous vapors

Eliminates paint peeling, chipping, blistering, and other adhesion problems. Recommended for use on iron, steel, zinc, aluminum, and galvanized surfaces.

Earth Friendly:

Water-Based, Biodegradable, Ordorless, Non-Flammable,. Environmentally Responsible

Recommended Uses:

Save time on most paint projects by cleaning and etching all in one step. For heavily soiled surfaces the Original Krud Kutter should be used as a pre-prep step, to remove excess oil, grease, and dirt. Excess rust should be removed with a wire brush. Krud Kutter Metal Clean & Etch is specially formulated to prepare iron, steel, zinc, aluminum, and galvanized surfaces for painting. Removes rust, oil, grease, and dirt. Eliminates paint peeling, and other adhesion problems. Do not mix this product with any other chemicals.

Directions for Use:

1. Mix 1 part Krud Kutter Metal Clean & Etch with 3 parts water in a plastic container. On heavily rusted areas mix with 2 parts water.

2. Apply the premix to metal surface with a paintbrush, spray bottle, sponge, or pump up sprayer.

3. Allow the premix to remain on the surface for up to 10 minutes, then thoroughly rinse with water, and wipe dry with rags.

4. Make sure the metal is completely clean and dry, then paint treated surface within 48 hours, to prevent formation of new rust.

Color: Red

Available In:

946 ml 3.79 ltr

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