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Solvent Borne Finish for Porcelain and Ceramic, VOC

Toughest & Most Durable: Patented Two Part Epoxy Acrylic Modified


Tile DOC is an Engineered two component finish that bonds strongly to porcelain and will hold up to cold and hot water. The Tile-DOC is a gloss white that looks just like tile. It can be used as a white or tinted to a pastel color.


  • For redecorating kitchens, bathrooms, cafeterias etc.
  • Fore areas where cold and Hot Water are used
  • Shower Areas, Tubs, Sinks, Laundry Tubs, etc.
  • For refinishing: Ceramic Tile, Porcelain, Glazed Block, Formica, Fiberglass, Cement, Grout, etc.

Not recommended for :

Galvanized metal, Metal surfaces, Flexible surfaces, In Swimming Pools nor in Hot Tubs or Jacuzzis

Features & Benefits:

  • For refinishing tubs, sinks, and shower areas
  • Saves cost of Replacing
  • Easy to use
  • Tough & Durable
  • Porcelain –Like
  • Gloss white finish
  • For ceramic, porcelain, tile, cement, Formica, fiberglass, rigid acrylic
  • Two component acrylic modified epoxy
  • Holds up to Hot Soapy Water without failing
  • Xylene clean-up
  • Interior applications only
  • Tintable to pastel colors with universal tints
  • DL Labs Tests show that Tile DOC out performs competitive

Available In:

TILE DOC A 458 ml 917 ml 3.67 ltr
TILE DOC B 458 ml 917 ml 3.67 ltr

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