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Tough Task Remover

Removes tough, oily, greasy, grimy, gooey problems:

Safe, Fast, Effective On:

laminated surfaces, tile & grout, carpet, clothing, brick & cinder block, metal, chrome, vinyl floors & baseboards, vinyl & plexiglass, hard surfaces, fabric, concrete, aluminum, glass, wood, fiberglass, plastic, and more...

Laundry Stain Remover:

Safe for all washable, colorfast fabrics: including cotton, cotton blends and synthetics.

Earth Friendly:

Water-Based . Biodegradable . Non-Abrasive . Non-Flammable . Non-Toxic

Recommended Uses :

No other single product removes really tough soils as quickly and effectively from so many different surfaces. The concentrated commercial strength formula safely and easily removes: dried latex paint, paint overspray, wallpaper adhesive, tape residue, food & drink stains, glue & adhesive, acid rain, bird droppings, smoke damage, tree sap, grease & oil, marker & crayon, pet stains, brake dust, fireplace soot, oxidation, lipstick, scuff marks, blood stains, sun tan oil, tar & wax, chewing gum, soap scum, mildew stains, shoe polish, and more.

Directions for use :

Always test on an inconspicuous area first. Apply directly on surface to be cleaned, and allow to penetrate briefly. Wipe off with a clean cloth or towel. For older, more difficult jobs apply a generous amount of cleaner and allow to stand for a few minutes before wiping dry. For extremely tough jobs, such as the removal of old, dried latex paint, scrub with a brush or scouring pad, and wash off with a wet rag. For engine cleaning, use on a cold dry engine. Do not use on varnished surfaces or leather. Do not mix this product with any other chemicals.

Color: Clear

Available In:

236 ml 946 ml 3.79 ltr 18.93 ltr 208.2 ltr

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