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Latex X-Tender

Additive for Water Based Paints and Coatings


Latex X-Tender is designed to thin the viscosity of thick latex paints, primers and solid latex stains. It helps application when spraying with HVLP, allowing the thick latex paints to spray smoothly without further reducing. When adding XIM’S Latex X-Tender there will not be reduction in flash rust control or sag control of the latex paints or primers. It will not affect the paint or primer’s overall cure time, but it can extend “wet edge” or working time. It will allow the thick latex formulations to flow out when brushing. Latex X- Tender will improve the open time for latex, varnishes and does not yellow or clod the varnish film.


  •  For Latex Paints, Primers and Latex Varnish
  •  For waterborne DTM
  • Epoxies and Finishes
  • Flow & Leveling Additive
  • Open Time Extender
  • Improves Spraying
  • Improved Brushing

Features & Benefits:

  • Does not affect the final paint, varnish or coating film
  • Will not cause paint to yellow
  • Will not yellow or cloud latex or water borne varnishes
  • Completely safe and Biodegradable
  • Clean up with water
  • Improves Flow and Leveling of water based coatings
  • Improves open time and brushing time by 10-15 min
  • Eliminates the ropy brush marks
  • Leaves no residues
  • Acrylic Enamels/ Acrylic Gloss / Satin / Low Sheen
  • Ceiling Acrylics / Plastics
  • Stains all, Clears all, water based floor paints
  • Water based Epoxy’s
  • Does not cloud clear water based varnishes
  • Add just 60ml-178 ml (2-6 ounces) per 4 liter.

Available In:

60 ml 946 ml 3.79 ltr



1 Ltr = 15 ml I 2ltr = 30 ml l 4ltr = 60ml l 6ltr = 90ml l 10 ltr = 150ml l 15 ltr = 225 ml l 20ltr = 300 ml

  • All X-Tenders assist with flow leveling and work in all weather conditions.
  • Will not form hard in container or when left mixed in paint (product evaporates over time).
  • All X-Tenders contain no harmful resins and will evaporate out of finished coating.
  • Will not clog any equipment, i.e. brushes, rollers, spray equipment
  • All X-Tenders Does Rates: Begin with 60ml per 4ltr. This can be increased as desired or required. Test area required prior to actual application when rates increased to ensure compatibility. Whilst increasing dose rates the affect will be on drying times not overall cure time.
  • XIM Guarantee product will not void manufacturer’s Warranty. All X-Tenders will evaporate out of coating, when coating has cured there will be “O” additive in finished product.

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