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Paint Remover & Spray Gun Equipment Cleaner

Safely cleans & strips paint from spray guns, tips & equipment.

  • Ideal for metal, plastic or rubber parts.
  • Contains no methylene chloride, caustic or other harsh chemicals.

Safely removes:

water-based, oil-based, varnish, latex, alkyds, stains, enamels, laquers, epoxy, clear paints, and more...

Earth Friendly:

Water-Based . Biodegradable . Non-Flammable . Non-Toxic . Non-Abrasive

Recommended Uses :

Contains no methylene chloride, caustic or other harsh chemicals & easily cleans up with water.DUAL ACTION COMMERCIAL STRENGTH FORMULA

1.Spray tips, guns and other equipment parts (metal and plastic) can be soaked in the stripper/cleaner for effortless paint removal and cleaning.

2.When sprayed through a spray gun and paint sprayer, it is effective cleaner. It can also be used to flush lines.


Directions for use:

Parts Cleaner/Stripper Directions:

Can be used on metal, plastic, and rubber parts to remove common household paint and varnish (water or oil-based) including latex, alkyds, stains, enamels, lacquers, clear paints, and also epoxy. The cleaner should be used in a container made of heavy-duty polyethylene, steel, or stainless steel, and a wire basket or screen placed at the bottom of the container will be helpful in removing parts from the stripper solution

Pour cleaner into your container to the desired level, based on the amount of parts to be stripped. Stir thoroughly with mixing stick or paddle before use. Immerse gun or parts to be stripped in the cleaner. Stripping time will depend on type of paint and number of layers to be removed, and will vary from minutes to overnight. To determine if items have been stripped, periodically lift parts out of container. It may be necessary to remove loosened paint with a wire brush or scrub pad, and this can be done over the dipping container, or seperate container. Once complete, the paint will seperate from the parts and fall to the bottom of the container. Final clean-up can be completed by using compressed air or water wash.

Color: Clear

Odor: Mild

Available In:

946 ml 3.79 ltr

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