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Adhesive Remover

Ready to use formula - Spray On, Scrape Off.

A safe alternative to hazardous, solvent-based adhesive removers!

Lifts off most glues & adhesives, carpet seam sealer & mastic. Also removes dirt, grease, grime, heel marks, & floor wax.

Use after removing:

Tile, carpet, linoleum, laminate, wood & vinyl, flooring.

Earth Friendly:

Water-Based . Biodegradable . Non-Abrasive . Non-Flammable . Non-Toxic

Recommended Uses:

KRUD KUTTER ADHESIVE REMOVER’s water-based, biodegradable formula is a safe, effective alternative to hazardous, solvent-based adhesive removers. KRUD KUTTER ADHESIVE REMOVER removes most glues and adhesives, carpet seam sealer, and mastic. Also removes dirt, grease, grime, heel marks, and floor wax.

Directions for use:

1. Saturate the adhesive by applying a liberal amount directly onto the finish.
2. Allow time for the remover to work. It will loosen most finishes in 15-30 minutes.
3. Test scrape a small area to see if finish is ready for removal.
4. Scrape away the softened adhesive with a wide putty knife or scraper.
5. Multiple coats or stubborn finishes may require repeat applications.
6. For final clean-up, apply onto the surface and wipe clean.
7. Before installing new floor covering, allow surface to dry for 1 hour or more.

Color: Clear

Available In:

946 ml 3.79 ltr

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