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Solvent Born, Bonding Primer Sealer, VOC: less than 495 g/l

Specially Formulated for Brush or Pad Application


400W and 400W ES White are ultrapremium solvent based primer/sealer/bonders developed to meet Federal and State VOC requirements and solve many paint bonding problems They provide excellent adhesion, sealing and bonding on many hard-to-coat surfaces. Clean and dull paintable surfaces may not need sanding, but sanding or dulling the surface is required on hard, glossy surfaces for maximum adhesion. Both products can be used for both in-door or out-door applications and can be used with either oil/alkyd or latex topcoats. Not recommended under with strong solvent topcoats such as lacquers or two component epoxies or urethanes. 400W and 400W ES are recognized as the leading bonding primers for though-to-coat surfaces by major painting contractors.


Aluminum, Steel*, Iron*, Non Ferrous Metals (Chrome, Tin, Copper, Brass etc), Tile, Porcelain, Glazed Block, Formica (Cabinets, Paneling Doors, Trim), PVC Shutters, PVC Clad Windows, Fiber Glass- Garage Doors, Old Glossy Paint, Wood, Plywood, Hardboard, Weatherboard, Wallboard and much more

Features & Benefits:

  • Properties of both a primer and an adhesive
  • Helps Bond paint
  • Seals and protects, and offer long lasting adhesion with most top coats.
  • Helps Prevent Flaking, Blistering, Peeling
  • Ready to apply (No Thinning Required)
  • Primes and Seals
  • Use with most top coats
  • Can be forced dried
  • Makes paint stick to tough-to-paint surfaces, including ceramic tile, porcelain, glass, Formica and melamine laminates, PVC, fiberglass, many plastics, aluminum, many metals, wood
  • Very fast drying
  • Tintable to pastel colors with universal tint colors
  • Interior / Exterior applications
  • Top coat with oil-alkyds and latexes in 60 minutes

400 White Universal Primer-Sealer-Bonder

is a quick dry prime coat that makes paint stick where ordinary primers fall. 400 White is ready to use on all interiors/ exteriors to help prevent flaking, blistering and peeling.

400 White is ideal for use with: Wood, ferrous and non ferrous metals, plaster, laminex, formica, glass, tile, porcelain & glazed tiles, fiberglass, 2 pack paints, gloss enamels(no sanding required).


always test for compatibility.

Product Use:

These Bonders are ideal prime coats for Wood, Hardboard, Plaster, Glass, Tile, Fiberglass, and Some Plastics. Always test small area first for adhesion and topcoat compatibility first. Not recommended for polypropylene or polyethylene. Also, not recommended for tubs, sinks or showers where hot or continuous water contact occurs. XIM’s Tile DOC® is recommended for these surfaces. They are not recommended for use where high alkalinity or high pH is present. 400W and 400W ES will also bond to ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Note: * When extra rust protection is desired, use a rust inhibiting primer. (XIM 360 or XIM Corrosion Control) On extremely porous surfaces or on wood that is known to cause staining, a second coat may be needed prior to application of the top coat.

Available In:

472 ml aerosol 964 ml 3.78 ltr



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