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Founder Manfred Dombrach formed Easy Way Painting Services in 1992.

Easy Way Wholesalers has been a natural progression through a long term established Painting contracting business I was always looking for new products that would make the job a little easier with a view to saving some labour costs, the paint retail shops along with hardware stores always had the same products rarely was there any thing new on the shelfs, five years ago the market started to change we were hearing things like “Green & Environment”  paint company’s started taking note; One of the first things we all sighted was the new Acrylic Enamels to replace oil alkyd based paints because of VOC (volatile Organic Compound); the smell/odour of all Oil Based paints and was to be slowly fazed out?  What I discovered with the new technology (water based enamels) was that they tended to dry to quick, left heavy brush marks and in general it was harder to use (to work with) now the new technology has come a little further since the inception of Acrylic Enamels but inherently they still have some issues.

Being one to in brace new technology and clients starting to request this new low VOC type paints (low odour) it looked like it was going to be the way of the future? As a painting business I tried many things to remedy the problem; firstly I had to understand why these new products acted the way they did what I discovered was, when you lower the VOC of most acrylics they take out some products that inherently affect the way the paint works? Flash drying is the main effect you get?  When you are brushing the product out (acrylic enamels) i.e. 1) When you dip your brush in the paint apply it to the substrate brush it out whilst going back over the areas just painted you find that the paint lifts off  2) Or that it’s acting strangely, this lead me into searching for a way to try and fix the problem I’m glad to say that the problems I once had with applying the new Acrylic Enamels has gone some added benefits to this was that the new product sourced was Latex X-Tender (XIM Products, Inc) works in 95% of all acrylic coatings allows you to work with all paints in the summer as it slows down the flash drying of all acrylic paints also you can use the product in the warmer weather as well.

The XIM Products company develops specialty products that became an integral part of the painting business I didn’t want to keep this a secret, I began passing on samples to my painter associates who responded with “Were Can I Get The Product” As an entrepreneur   I approached the XIM company and began discussions about brining there  products into Australia hence the inception of Easy Way Wholesalers’ a visit to the XIM facility to discuss business I discovered that the United States there are many more such products available Green and Environmentally type products available.

This now has lead to an ever expanding range of environmentally friendly labour saving products available check the web site for up to date products.

A note for all:  You see in America the government enforces the law through the EPA they can close businesses down if they break the laws on VOC compliance and there are some extraordinary fines handed out to those who breach the law, Australia is not that advanced it is the consumer and manufactures who are the driving force, things will change in the future as evident through the governments proposed Carbon Tax?     

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